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Time and materials

With a time and material approach, we will have discussed the overall scope of the work, and agreed what amount of resource and for how long its likely to be needed. The advantage here is that a client is not at risk of paying for more time than was needed, that can be a result of Fixed Price, and equally we the supplier are not at risk of the work overrunning through unforeseen’s and changes. There is a element of cost to run change control processes, and get to a state that a fixed price can be achieved so with all this overhead taken into consideration Time & Material has its clear benefits over Fixed Price work.

Fixed price development

We have done large projects in the past on a fixed price and this is still possible but taking into consideration the comments in the Time & Materials Approach fixed price can often not be the cheapest way to carry out large segments of work. Fixed price can be very useful however for small element of work, where the requirement and time to achieve the correct feature or outcome are easier to determine. This approach then makes budgeting, sign off, taking and indeed payment very clear, but only for the small features. We really are not looking to Fix Price whole projects into the future because we end up mixing a fixed price commercial approach with an agile development approach and it does not work.

Monthly fee

A lot of our client have current development teams and take advantage of being able to add superb low cost resource to the core team, or increase and decrease certain skill sets. With this in mind we currently have all our skills from Development, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Product Management, Development Operation even Administration booked out on varying monthly fees. So our client is simply paying the agreed fee per month (or part month) for a resource and then either managing them using the core team, or having an element of management as well from ourselves and integrating them into their Core Team. Rates can be from £ 800 per month on the administration and QA side, or starting from £ 1,200 per month on Developer BA for more junior positions.

Whole team on time and materials

  • Team members hours rates can start from as little as £5 per hour
  • Great way to get the right level and blend of skill sets, build the team you need
  • Only pay for what is used, and don’t pick up the cost of fixing the price that can be considerable
  • If the team is managed in Agile you can start to predict the efficiency of the team, and we can work to increase the productivity with you
  • InLiber Management focus on Efficiency of the team, not managing the problems relating to Fixed Price Agreements
  • Rapid projet start, using Agile

Fixed price development

  • No Management of Hours Rates
  • Predictability
  • Ideal for small segment of work or small projects
  • Completely managed Process from InLiber
  • InLiber Managed Change Control Process

Developers on monthly fee

  • Rates starting at £ 8 per hour for Developers
  • Ability to negotiate reduction in rate for locked in periods of time
  • Integration with your own team if required
  • Option of a Managed Service, or Client Managed
  • Purchase a part month, or multiple people for multiple months
  • Choose the Experience level to not incur higher rates if they are not needed

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